19 avril 2011

Bruce Gilden, photojournaliste

Picnic with Sergey (2010) > Magnum in Motion
After the Soviet Union fell apart, the big shots once in charge of organized Russian crime vanished, either dead or unleashed through the world, and small potato villains have survived on the periphery of large cities in a now cleaned up Russian wild West.

Detroit: The Troubled City (2009) > Magnum in Motion
As part of his work on the effects of foreclosures in America, Bruce Gilden recently traveled to Detroit, Michigan. What he found was a desolate landscape where the subprime mortgage crisis is the latest blow hitting the "troubled city" already on its way to collapse and insurrection.

Foreclosures (2008) > Magnum in Motion
Bruce Gilden photographed and interviewed scores of people in South Florida who have lost their homes and are already suffering through hard times.

Bruce Gilden: How’d you get in this place, you rent?
Norman Wright: Renting.
B.G.: How much you pay a month?
N.W.: Six and a quarter.
B.G.: $625 a month?! That’s a lot of money, right? So how is he
able to get $625 a month from you?
N.W.: Oh, my disability.
B.G.: Then how much do you have to live on?
N.W.: $15 a week.
B.G.: Do you really?
N.W.: Yeah. (Laughs.)
B.G.: That’s no bullshit?
N.W.: No! (Laughs.)
B.G.: So how do you live on $15?
N.W.: I don’t!

> Bruce Gilden @ Magnum Photos (portfolio)

Coney Island (2005)

WYNC Street Shots

FLY 16x9


France 24, 20/09/2010

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