15 mai 2010

Martin Majoor, typedesigner

Typeradio: Interview with Martin Majoor, April 2009

Typeradio: Donald Beekman, Liza Enebeis
Photography: Nina Frey, Britta Mertens
Editing: Britta Mertens

Typeface Design on the Road
TypoBerlin 2005

Martin Majoor is a typographer since 1980. He works in offices in Arnheim and Warsaw. Around 1990 he designed Scala and Scala Sans, followed by FF Seria and FF Nexus. Several awards in 2001 for Seria and Seria Sans. Lecturer at several art schools, and speaker at the AtypI Conferences in Antwerp, Paris, San Francisco, Barcelona und Prague.

At TYPO 2005 Martin Majoor discussed typeface design on the road, posters in the streets of Warsaw, and his favorite vodka from Poland. Before that he opened his presentation with an intimate goodbye to Evert Bloemsma who died surprisingly some days before at the age of 47.

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