03 juillet 2011

Eh Joe | Samuel Beckett (1965)

Klaus Herm : Joe, Billie Whitelaw : Voice.

« Voice should be whispered. A dead voice in his head. Minimum of colour. Attacking. Each sentence a knife going in, pause for withdrawal, then in again. » (Samuel Beckett à Alan Schneider, 7 avril 1966).

Joe ...
(Eyes open, resumption of intentness.)
Joe ...
(Full intentness.)
Thought of everything? ... Forgotten nothing?... You're all right now, eh? ... No one can see you now … No one can get at you now ... Why don't you put out that light? ... There might be a louse watching you ... Why don't you go to bed? ... What's wrong with that bed, Joe? ... You changed it, didn't you? … Made no difference? ... Or is the heart already? ... Crumbles when you lie down in the dark ... Dry rotten at last ... Eh Joe?

> Le texte intégral est ici.

Atom Egoyan, à propos de Eh Joe (via A Piece of Monologue)

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